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Maison en France magazine is the magazine about houses, living, and working in France. For buyers and owners in the Netherlands and Belgium. Available in Dutch and Belgian stores and with an increasing number of subscriptions, also in France itself. The circulation of Maison en France moves between 4,000 and 6,000 (depending on the season), but more important than quantity, the magazine is without a serious rival.
With Maison en France you reach the heart of your target group: Francophiles in the Netherlands, Belgium and France who are serious about their (future) home. No France magazine deals soexclusively with information that is important for them.

Focus on regions and themes in 2021

Maison en France inspires and informes its readers with articles, interviews, opinions and of course the latest offers in France. In every quarterly editions we also go more ‘in depth’, both regional and thematic. In 2021 we will spend additional attention to  the following regions and themes.

Edtions Region Special Themes 
Spring Dordogne Buying in 2021
Summer Provence Building
Autumn Occitanie Selling your property
Winter Auvergne

Rental issues


Extra Benefits for Real Estate Agents and Project Developers

Real estate agents and project developers receive special attention in Maison en France! Not only with their ads in the “Houses for sale” section, but throughout the magazine. As an advertising partner you can draw attention to your projects, your knowledge and experience in various ways.

 1. Page Trouvailles

In each edition of Maison en France, a special type of object is given special attention (usually matching the Dossier subject) and 10 objects are highlighted from the total range on offer in France. For these so-called “Trouvailles” we always regularly invite advertising brokers to make suggestions.

2. Introducing a real estate agent

In each edition, professionals from different regions are being interviewed to paint a picture of the housing market in the region they serve. Preference is always given to new advertisers that decide to become a partner of Maison en France.

3. Publi-articles

Regularly we publish “public-articles” about a special house or a special object for sale. An object with a story! Not about how many rooms there are, and how many square meters of garden surround it. But the story of the house or the project. Regular advertisers can make suggestions for this and opt for a special price.