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UniqResort is a specialised project developer when it comes to villas and flats in the Netherlands, France and Florida. We take care of the complete purchase in a professional manner and we are at home in all markets when it comes to (recreational) projects. Of course, this is always done in close consultation with you. After all, it is your villa and your future.

Investing is customised work, because not everyone invests for the same reasons. One person has been dreaming of a second home in a beautiful location for years, while another is purely looking for an excellent, stable investment. Whatever the reason for investing, anyone interested in a high-quality product from UniqResort will be guided by our specialists from the very first step.

We will be happy to provide you with tailor-made advice without obligation and inform you about the possibilities that may be of interest to you. Based on your wishes, we will provide you with sound customised advice. Naturally, a personal meeting can be arranged to fit in with your schedule, at home or in the evening.

UniqResort offers a wide range of services. But you decide how far. You can choose from a wide range of specialities. Such as legal support, mediation in finding the right financing and drawing up a contract. But you can also count on UniqResort for ordinary day-to-day matters such as the registration of water and electricity.
UniqResort knows what it is doing. Whether it concerns the purchase price, the construction, the location, local developments or the facilities. Every facet gets our full attention. For the buyer a very attractive investment object with a good return and without worries.
As said, UniqResort is a very experienced project developer. Beautiful recreation projects such as "Chateau des Gipières" in the Provence, "Residence Caesar Domus" near Saint Tropez and "Village Saint Loup" in Cap d'Agde are excellent examples.

But what we ask your special attention for is the project in The Hague, Uniq Wonen in Vroondaal, TradeWinds MarinaResort Homosassa - USA and VillaResort Golf de Gascogne - FR. Beautiful projects in Florida-USA, Southern France and the Netherlands.

The differences in language, culture and legislation make it very difficult to assess a situation, even in a country like France. For our staff, however, this is everyday work. Our team consists of pure professionals with a wealth of experience in the field of real estate. They speak the (professional) language flawlessly.